Testing Innovative Solutions in Practice

In the UTH TECHNICAL CENTER we provide our customers with the exclusive opportunity to try out our pioneering technologies and latest processes with their own materials and products. Our focus here is on current needs expressed by our customers.

Depending on the material and process, these tests serve to predetermine suitable machine solutions, taking into account the required process parameters such as temperature, degree of fineness, throughput and product quality. The tests thus ensure precise machine coordination leading to an optimal process and therefore guarantee successful, high-quality end results in production.

The service provided by the UTH TECHNICAL CENTER includes:

  • Carrying out feasibility studies with regard to the processability of a wide variety of materials.
  • Testing our process engineering solutions and determining the optimal process parameters.
  • Preliminary tests of important criteria for production, such as start-up, shut-down and cleanability.
  • Use of the various experimental machines (TRF, SF, DSE) with extensive equipment for the testing of various “on-site” applications.
    These include:

– Fine straining solutions (inline/offline)

– Precise extrusion and high pressure applications
– Silicone compounding with the MDSE
– Polymer dosing
– TRP technology

  • Testing the customer’s own materials and formulas with different procedures and configurations.
  • Machines from the TECHNICAL CENTER can also be loaned to the customer for tests in inline production.
  • Training of technical staff.

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