UTH GmbH Nachhaltigkeit Verantwortung

Sustainability & Responsibility

For humankind and nature

Awareness. Our actions are always environmentally friendly and economically sustainable. We avoid emissions and the use of harmful substances in our manufacturing processes, while meticulously adhering to legal requirements.

This is emphasised by our membership of the “Blue Competence” sustainability initiative. Blue Competence is an VDMA Initiative which promotes sustainability in machine manufacturing and publisizes sustainable solutions available in this sector. As a member of this initiative we commit ourselves to the 12 sustainability guidelines relating to machine and plant production.

“Much has changed since our company was founded in 1985. However, we are still driven by our values: TRUST. FAIRNESS. TECHNOLOGY. SUSTAINABILITY. So we are in a great position to master the future together.” Eva-Maria Uth, HR Manager

Energy Efficiency. Our mission is to develop technologies which protect our resources and reduce pollutant emissions. In this way our roll-ex ® machinery contributes to our customers producing in environmentally friendly way with energy-saving rates of up to 70 per cent.

Social Responsibility.We feel responsible for our society, our region and particularly our employees. We therefore support Fulda as a location, represent the values of a socially aware society and provide training, jobs and career development opportunities for older or disabled people.

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