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Precise Extrusion

Our technology has become the global benchmark and provides innovative, individual solutions.

With the roll-ex® gear pumps, rubber compounds are extruded particularly gently. In high-pressure applications, pressures of up to 800 bar are possible. In this area, UTH supplies complete lines as system solutions for the production of rubber-coated wire, yarn or fiber components.

The special roll-ex® extrusion system allows the processing of all material forms that are commonly used in the user production facilities and in the relevant processing stages, such as strips, slabs, granulates as well as batches. Due to its special functionality, the roll-ex® gear extruder offers the following advantages:

  • almost constant (mixing) temperature
  • strictly volumetric conveying, irrespective of the counter-pressure
  • low energy requirement
  • gentle material treatment due to low material temperatures
  • reproducible processes
  • consistent product quality due to reduced pulsation
  • easy compound change
roll-ex® Extrusion UTH GmbH

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