We need our environment and we contribute to it´s protection

Awareness. We are proponents of environmentally friendly trade and follow the principles of sustainable development. We avoid emissions of pollutants in our manufacturing process,  and comply with the statutory requirements.

UTH GmbH is partner of  Blue Competence (, the sustainability initiative within the VDMA( Blue Comptence is a bundle  of over 400 member companies from the mechanical engineering and plant engineering know-how to produce with sustained-release technologies and manufacturing processes from increasingly expensive and scarce raw materials, future-proof products.

Energy efficiency. We offer our customers sustainability. Our mission is the development of technologies that protect our resources and cause less pollution. Take for example our roll-ex machines, which ensure that our customers can produce on an environmentally friendly basis, with an energy saving of up to 70 %.

Social responsibility. We feel responsible for our society, for the region and especially our employees. For this reason, Fulda is important to us as a location, where we advocate the values of a social society and provide jobs and development opportunities for elderly and disabled people .